Monday, 24 December 2012


There are many props we require for our video.

# Costume- different outfits (max.3) for our model, most of which she will provide herself.

# A beanie hat/snapback cap- I have both already.

# Lipstick- I have a variety of lipsticks we are able to use.

# Make-up- We wont be using theatrical make up for example, just simple day-to-day make up which the model will already be wearing.

# Footwear- Either the model will be wearing appropriate footwear (pumps, trainers etc), or Kiah will lend her some for the shoot.

# Boxing Gloves- Kiah has a pair of boxing gloves that we can use for the shoot.

# Boxing Equipment- Providing we have full access to a boxing ring/gym, we will find all essential boxing equipment already there, with the exception of the boxing gloves and tracksuit which either me, Kiah or Thea will provide and have ready beforehand.

# Dog- One of our shots features our model walking a dog alongside a canal. Kiah has allowed us to use her dog for this shot.

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