Tuesday, 18 December 2012


On Friday 14th December, we began creating drawings for the animatic. As of today, we have thus far taken 9 photos ready for editing. We have nearly completed all animatic drawings and will have uploaded all pictures and finished editing by Thursday 20th December.

Tuesday 18th December- We finished the drawings, and took photographs of the animatic shots. The total amount of footage is 57 seconds. This includes 2 verses and the chorus. We aim to upload and edit the remaining photos tomorrow, Wednesday 19th December.

This is the final product of our animatic. The total length of the animatic is 1 minute and 11 seconds, 14 seconds longer than we orignally planned. It was uploaded on Thursday 20th December- as planned.

There is a specific motif carried through our animatic, and soon to be carried through our video. We aim to focus on the mouth of the model, in particular, her lips. We plan to use different colour lipsticks to draw attention to the mouth, thus creating a star persona for our model. It is something she will be recognised for, and the audience will see that we have used this technique on purpose.

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