Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Planning- Discussion

11th December- Kiah and I discussed the concept of our music video, and began creating a storyboard to choose which kind of shots we would like to use for it. We discussed the following:

# Model- previously discussed. We are using Thea.
# Costume- we decided on bright clothing.
# Props- Boxing gloves, dog, cupcakes.
# Locations- Canal side, possibly a boxing ring, Spetchley woods, inside media classroom.

We discussed the idea of using stop motion within our video. 'Born to Fly' is the title of track we are using, and as the chorus begins, we are toying with the idea of using cupcakes with icing and single lettering of 'Born To Fly'. We have practised using stop motion before, and feel it would be a beneficial technique for our video.

We intend to remove the icing from these cupcakes which can be purchased at Tesco, add our own icing individually, and take many shots to create Stop Motion technique. After each cupcake has been individually iced, we will use a black icing pen to spell out 'Born To Fly' over the cupcakes.

This is a stop motion video of cupcakes being made and iced. From 1 minute 49- I want to copy this action, but add lettering to the icing with the use of stop motion, from start to finish.

MOTIF- we have discussed using a motif, something the model can be recognised for. This will be created through Extreme Close Up shots (ECU's) of her mouth whilst she lipsings to some words of the song. These shots will be short, probably lasting no longer than 3 seconds (maximum), and we will change her lipstick/lipgloss accordingly to her outfit, ensuring she maintains a redundant contemporary rnb/pop singer-style.

CHOREOGRAPHY- we have briefly discussed choreography, and have contacted a friend of Kiah's to help with the creation of a short dance routine.

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