Sunday, 2 December 2012

Focus Group

- I created a focus group on facebook.
- I added friends who enjoy the music genre- Pop/Contemporary RnB.
- I uploaded pictures of fonts, and template colour schemes, asking the members to comment
  on my choices, saying whether they feel they are suitable for the music genre.

- I explained the concept I was trying to achieve through my digipak and advertisement.

Here is a screen grab of the overview of my facebook group.

This screen grab features a comment from a member regarding the font I wished to use on both my digipak, and advertisement.

I took the positive feedback and proceeded with using the chosen font I found on the website

This screen grab shows my magazine template that I created. I asked for criticisms.

I was advised to change the black block along the bottom of the advertisement, as it isnt attractive to the members of my target audience. The colour scheme and photograph were enjoyed by the members, however I decided to somewhat change it in my final draft; sticking to the black and white imagery, but changing the font colour.

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