Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Target Audience

The target audience for my music genre (Contemporary RnB/Pop) are both male and female, with the age range varying from early teens to late twenties. The music is mainstream, able to gain radio air-time and access to the televised music channels such as MTV and 4Music. My audience are likely to rate from D to C1 on the Jicnars scale, as the type of music is of a hedonistic nature, aimed mainly at individuals at school, college, and university.

# They will enjoy partying, dancing and all aspects of socialising.

# They will have a very eclectic palate regarding music, but will enjoy the easy-listening popular music to set the tone for a night of partying.

# They will enjoy music from artists such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj and Jessie J, who's genre's are either identical, or very similar to mine.

# They will be very fashion-conscious, and enjoy spending time shopping for clothes that follow the current trends that are popular in society, and amongst their peer groups.

# The female audience will wear make-up and jewellery, however they will have an urban edge, allowing them to feel comfortable in any clothing, and not wear make up to an excess.

# The male audience will be smartly dressed, fashion-conscious and neatly groomed.

# Both female and male audience are likely to either have tattoos, or like tattoos, and the majority will have piercings or be open to the idea of piercings.

RITA ORA- Rita is a mainstream RnB/Pop artist with both an urban and quirky edge. Her tattoos create an urban sense, and the face she is pulling shows her quirky edge and laidback attitude to her appearance in this photoshoot. 

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