Monday, 19 November 2012

Performers- Casting

When looking for possible performers in my video, I began asking my friends that met my specified criteria.



Sunday 18th November- I met my friend Becky and discussed the possibility of her being willing to star in my video. She agreed, and dependent on whether my partner feels she is suitable to fulfil the role, she will be available for shooting.

Becky has an urban fashion sense which fulfils some of my cast criteria. It is evident that she is female, and has agreed to make herself available for shoots. My partner and I have not yet decided as to whether we will use Becky in our video. 

Wednesday 28th November- I asked Thea if she would be willing to participate in the making of my video and digipak production. Thea has agreed to be in both sections of my project, and has told me when she is available. I have decided to use Thea because she has a very urban look, and in particular, I thing her facial piercing (nose ring) is very redundant of the genre, and allows her to have the urban edge I wished to include. She is fashion conscious and willing to wear any costume I present to her.

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