Tuesday, 5 February 2013


We began filming Tuesday 29th January. We booked out the HD Video Camera, 2 tripods and a light reflector disc, and began shooting at the Nunnery Wood Complex. We gathered a total of 4 minutes of footage, which we are currently editing and cropping. We found that by leaving the camera running for longer, we would have more to crop and add to the video. We filmed Thea using different pieces of gym machinery, such as the cross trainer, the treadmill, the weight bench and various muscle strengthening machines. We also filmed Thea practicing her punches, to in-keep with the boxing narrative of the video. Kiah and I have however decided to eliminate the boxing narrative to an extent, as filming in a boxing ring was not possible, as we were turned away from 3 different boxing ring locations. We filmed Thea jogging in a tracksuit alongside the pond by County Hall.

We also managed to shoot Thea dancing, which is in-keeping with the genre of the music. We will edit those shots with Synaesthesia in mind, achieving beat and shot synchronisation, which is also in-keeping with the style of pop/contemporary rnb genre. It is now February 5th, and we do have some filming left to do. We need footage of Thea wearing red lipstick, lip-syncing with the music. These shots will be Extreme Close Ups. I also have to perform the stop motion technique that we are using. I have booked a DSLR camera out for Wednesday, and will complete this by Thursday afternoon; when I return the camera. Once we have done this, we should have all the footage we need to complete editing for the deadline.

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