Monday, 21 January 2013

Discussion and Planning

Kiah and I have decided to utilise Nunnery Wood gym instead of an external private gym, as we have been unsuccessful in obtaining filming time in any of the boxing rings we have contacted. Nunnery Wood Sports Complex does not have a punchbag, but Kiah and I have boxing gloves (props) and feel that we can make it work by improvising with these. I will contact Alan New, the head of the gym, in hope that he will allow us to  use the location to film some of our shots. I am likely to go directly to the complex, as it is near college grounds and ask him today at some point.

NEW IDEAS- we could film Thea practicing punching and ducking, then edit the shots to make them slower, fitting with the beat, thus keeping to our aim of creating Synaesthesia in our video.

TIME MANAGEMENT- The weather at the moment is currently very bad, as there is alot of snow and ice, making it difficult for Kiah and I to reach our locations, and making it impractical to shoot our video. We are yet to start filming, but thanks to the shot list we have created, we are going to be able to shoot fast and efficiently, once we obtain a camcorder and tripod. There are several shots we can do on college grounds, as planned, however the snow in the background will tamper with the narrative of our video (it's not supposed to be snowing!), however we shall have to make do, and begin filming ASAP.

The ECU's can be done in college, near Spetchley Woods, as planned, and in order to create the red-lip motif for our video, we will have to shoot all shots with different lyrics at one time, in order to make good use of the limited time we have.

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